Community Plan


GGThe community council believe it is time for our community to consider how we want our living environment to develop in the future. Change is unavoidable and is an essential part of an interesting life but we should not sit back and let outsiders decide what should happen in our area. We should have a consolidated view of how to protect and enhance the local quality of life in the best possible way. The following pages present a consolidated CBM Community Plan covering most aspects of life in our area. The aim of this plan is to give an overview of the community, to reflect the views of the local community as to desirable developments, highlight potential developments which are considered undesirable and to identify issues that need further exploration. Depending on the issue, the view could be as long as the period covered by the City and Shire Strategic Development Plan, i.e. the next twenty years.

It is not the first time that residents have been invited to share their views on developments in their neighbourhoods. Several years ago a Neighbourhood Plan and a ‘You Said It’ report was produced on the basis of what came out of a number of public meetings across the city. In 2013 we also submitted a ‘Toolkit report’ on the main issues and desirable developments the City should consider for their Local Development Plan. These exercises age quickly and are difficult to retrieve/update as circumstances change. Modern digital technology will overcome these problems.

This new Community Plan will be a dynamic web based document with information and views obtained through a variety of means, including meetings (CC and other groups), questionnaires and social media but updated as and when necessary. It will form the basis for any responses from and proposals by the community council. We want you to keep us right by contributing your views now and in the future using the consultation channels given on the contents page.

This is an exciting project that will hopefully generate many new ideas for our area. In the end it is hoped that the Plan will form a solid, generally agreed and always up-to-date basis to respond to environmental initiatives and challenges in our part of the world.



Guus Glass
Chair, CBMCC