10. Health and Social Care

Current Situation.

Public health and social care is provided across Aberdeen City by NHS Grampian (NHSG), Aberdeen City Council (ACC) and a new organisation, established in 2016, the Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership (ACHSCP). This latter body was established by NHSG and ACC to provide integrated health and social care and has delegated responsibility for a range of local services, including most services provided outside a hospital setting but excluding children’s services. The ACHSCP is divided into four localities, with the CBM area falling within the West Locality. A Locality Leadership Group has been established.

There are two General Practitioner groups within the CBM area, the Cults Medical Group and the Camphill Medical Practice, but a number of residents are registered with practices outside the CBM area,  particularly with the Culter Medical Practice and Great Western Road Practice. There are two pharmacists and two dental practices located in Cults. A special factor in the provision of health and social care is the high proportion of retired people (see section 1).  There are five nursing/care homes and a range of sheltered accommodation for the elderly.

Wellbeing and Support by the Community

Health and social care provision by the by statutory bodies is limited by finance available from taxes and does not, and is unlikely to, meet all the needs of the population, particularly the elderly. Demographic changes, rising expectations and medical advances will all add to the pressure. Churches, voluntary bodies and individuals are all active in the CBM area in variety of provision for the elderly – clubs, lunches, short term respite care and  befriending. These services are often more effective than if they were provided by the statutory bodies as they are provided in a spirit of neighbourliness and community.


Current Key Issues

  1. GP Practices. All GP practices nationally are under pressure – financially and due to GP recruitment issues. The large population of elderly people adds to the pressure. The CC has opened up dialogue with the Cults Medical Group and has made suggestions regarding patient triage.
  2. ACHSCP. The CC is active in discussions with ACHSCP to ensure the ACHSCP is aware of current local issues. One issue is the future provision of GP services with the increase in housing (Countesswells, Oldfold and Friarsfield). The CC is represented on the LLG (The Chair of CBMCC is Vice-Chair of the LLG). The CC has also arranged meetings with other CCs in the West Locality to share views and co-ordinate input to ACHSCP.
  3. Social Care. The large elderly population means that there is a high demand for social care input. The CC is currently investigating provision and establishing if there are any issues which the CC could usefully contribute to.


Community Council Objectives

To ensure that the views of the community are fully taken into account in all health and social care issues in relation to new housing developments and other proposals, plans and changes affecting the local community.


Proposed Action

  • To continue the current response to the key issues above.
  • To investigate the best way of determine the views of the community – in particularly vulnerable groups and those with particular needs.
  • To undertake a scoping exercise to what local provision there is for the elderly, including those who have carers, covering clubs, coffee mornings, luncheons, short term (even a few hours) respite help, befriending.



Views are specifically invited on the following:

  1. Are there gaps in local health and social care provision?
  2. The CC is not able to deal with individual complaints, but will always consider investigating any general issues that may arise.

3. Suggestions are welcome as to how the CC can ensure it is aware of local needs (see 2 under Proposed Action above)